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By answering a few simple questions you can apply for a bus pass from us. It's quick, easy and secure.

Please read the following notes before proceeding:

  • You need to know which route you are applying for. Please note Bus2 may need to make a small number of changes between routes for travellers when all applications are received in order to balance the total number of travellers.
  • You will have to complete a separate online application for each pass you wish to purchase.
  • If making more than one application, you must complete the first (including payment) before starting the second.
  • Please read our Terms & Conditions of carriage as you and the traveller will both have to agree to them.
  • If a third party (such as your local authority or school fund) will be paying on your behalf, it is important that you also specify their details in the application (as we have to check your eligibility with them).
  • As you progress through your application your progress will be saved, allowing you to return later and continue where you left off.
  • All passes require a JPG photo of the traveller to complete your application.
  • Ensure you are logged in as the person who will be the primary contact/bill payer for the pass holder.
  • If purchasing a pass for an existing traveller, check their details are correct (via My Travellers) before proceeding.
  • If paying by credit or debit card, please have this to hand.
  • If paying by Direct Debit, please have your bank account details to hand.
  • If on your application you state you are applying for an Early Booking discount, please note  that Bus2 will contact you to verify you qualify.
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Registering for a free bus pass?

If your bus pass is paid for by a third party (such as your local authority or school fund) please make sure you select the "Free" option within the bus pass type section of the online order booking.